Leadership development

We help companies strengthen their managerial effectiveness and collaboration with dynamically adapted leadership development programs.

We facilitate individually adapted programs, for the management group as a whole as well as for the individual manager, where we target areas such as:

  • Training teams on collaboration and proactiveness in everything from business development to communication.
  • Increasing and reinforcing the team’s collective awareness of individual qualities and areas of development.
  • Strengthening the team’s ability to handle professional conflicts in a constructive way and steer clear of personal conflicts.
  • Creating a high performance culture within the team that shines through both externally and internally.
  • To define a common credo for the team. 
  • To build trust across the team.
  • Increasing the company’s agility and power of execution.

Dynamically adapted programs

Our solution is a dynamically adapted program where only the external framework, namely the initial analyzes and the final impact measurements, are fixed, and where we prepare a program that fits the specific needs of the team in question.

Tailor-made development activities

Throughout the program, we offer participants the opportunity to receive individual feedback and coaching alongside team activities. This allows the individual team member to work with some other and/or deeper personal issues that may have an impact on both individual well-being as well as group dynamics.

Individual feedback and coaching

Based on the initial analyzes, we organize an individually adapted program with development activities such as workshops where we work with themed issues, and observations of practice where real-life management meetings or similar activities are observed to provide professional feedback.